Vegans Are So Judgmental! by Bea Elliot

“Vegans are so judgmental!”

Is that so? Aren’t those of you who eat meat really the ones who “judge”? After all, don’t you decide which animals are to be born, grown and killed on your behalf? Don’t you judge that it’s okay to kill male chicks so you can “enjoy” eggs? Don’t you judge that it’s acceptable to steal babies so you can indulge in their mother’s milk? Don’t you judge that it’s ethical to pay someone to kill animals for you – not out of need, but simply for your own pleasure? Your dollars will even buy you the myth that it’s all “humane“… No muss, no fuss! And how fortunate you are that your neighbors, friends and family all share the same judgment.

You judge it acceptable to confine animals to tiny crates and warehouses for their entire lives so that you might pay a few pennies less in the checkout line. You judge it to be only a loss of property if sometimes those places burn to the ground with the animals trapped inside. You judge that the bodies of animals can be used for flesh, fur…and fun. You judge that it’s okay to dominate and willfully terminate the lives of horses, pigs, cows, chickens, mice, ducks, geese, starlings, frogs, prarie dogs, bears, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, rabbits, fishes, alligators and all other nonhuman beings. Why? Well, because you’ve judged them to be either desirable or undesirable. As a nonvegan, it is you who judges that it’s acceptable to manipulate, castrate, impregnate, and eviscerate others.

Still, we’re told over and over again: it’s the vegans who are judgmental.

But the way I see it, as a vegan, I’m not deciding who lives or dies just so I can have a leather couch or a woolen scarf or an ice cream cone. I’m not the one who “judges” that it’s okay to imprison elephants, tigers or dolphins and force them to perform tricks for my kids. I’m not the one who supports the purebred and puppy mill dog industries because I “judge” some dogs to be better than others.

No, as a non-vegan, you’re the “judge” of all that.

Vegans aren’t the ones putting animals on the earth only to judge how they should be used and when/how/why they should be killed. I don’t know that there could possibly be anything more “judgmental” than deciding who will live and who will die. So please… The next time you have the urge to call a vegan “judgmental,” take a good, long, honest look in the mirror of your conscience and you be the judge. - By Bea Elliot



(freepik photo credit)

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