The Weapons of Mass Destruction Are Our Knives and Forks – Presentation by Philip Wollen

“Victor Hugo said, ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’ Well animal rights today is now the greatest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery. Do you know there are over 600 million vegetarians in this world? And that is bigger than the United States, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – all put together…And despite this massive demographic footprint, we are still drowned out by the…huntin’, shootin’, killin’ cartels who believe that violence is the answer when it should not even be a question….

We are facing the perfect storm. If any nation had developed weapons that could wreak such havoc on the planet [as the livestock industry does], we would launch a preemptive military strike and bomb it back into the Bronze Age. But it’s not a rogue state, it’s an industry. The good news is we don’t have to bomb it, we can just just stop buying it. So George Bush was wrong. The Axis of Evil does not run through Iraq, Iran or North Korea, it runs through our dining tables. Weapons of Mass Destruction are our knives and forks.

…Animals are not just other species, they are other nations. And we murder them at our peril. The Peace Map is drawn on a menu. Peace is not just the absence of war, it is the presence of justice. Justice must be blind to race, color, religion or species. If she’s not blind, she will be a weapon of terror. And tonight there is unimaginable terror in those ghastly Guantanamos we call factory farms or slaughterhouses. Believe me, if slaughterhouses had glass walls, we wouldn’t be having this debate tonight. You see, I believe another world is possible…let’s get animals off the menu and out of these torture chambers. Please vote tonight for those who have no voice.” - Philip Wollen, former vice president of Citibank turned founder of The Kindness Trust.

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