Killing In The Name of Peace And Gratitude —
3 Videos

The number of turkeys abused and killed each year in the name of “thanks” and “Peace of Earth” is staggering. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 300 million turkeys are slaughtered every year. Roughly 45 million of these individuals are killed for Thanksgiving, while another 22 million are slaughtered for Christmas. It is important to remember that each of these birds is a unique individual. This first video shows a group of men killing a single bird.

The second video gives us a brief glimpse into the mechanized slaughter process. Turkeys, like all birds, are specifically excluded from the Humane Slaughter Act (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and are often scalded alive.


And finally, this third video highlights where the violence often begins: at the hatchery.

Animal cruelty is nothing to be thankful for. The ritual of slaughtering animals for Thanksgiving and other holidays is a romanticized and antiquated tradition steeped in violence. As members of a civilized society, I think we should pause and ask ourselves: Is this really a tradition that we wish to continue and pass on to our children? Or should we start a new tradition, one that is based in compassion, mercy and understanding?

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