I Choose Hope

“I do live daily with the knowledge that animals are suffering greatly…But that’s not what I dwell on. I’m a very solution-oriented person, so instead of immersing myself in the problem, I immerse myself in the solution, and in doing so, I’m constantly surrounded by hope. Every time we speak up for animals and act on behalf of justice and on behalf of truth, we are part of hope.

I believe the creation of the compassionate world we want starts with our thoughts. If we believe that injustice and violence will prevail…those fatalistic thoughts compete with the hopeful thoughts that justice and compassion will prevail. It is because of this hope, because of the transformations I witness every day, that I remain a joyful vegan. In any given moment, I can choose this perspective or I can choose despair or fear or compromise. But I choose hope.” – Colleen Patrick Goudreau

(CC photo credit)

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