On Nonhuman Slavery

"We can see quite plainly that our present civilization is built on the exploitation of animals, just as past civilisations were built on the exploitation of slaves."   - Donald Watson

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A Fundamental Disconnect

“To meditate for world peace, to pray for a better world, and to work for social justice and environmental protection while continuing to purchase the flesh, milk, and eggs of horribly abused animals exposes a disconnect that is so fundamental that it renders our efforts absurd, hypocritical, and doomed to certain failure.” – Will Tuttle […]

What Does This Have To Do With Giving Thanks?

“I love Thanksgiving. Why do I like it? Because I like celebrating with my family. And I like what we’re celebrating. I like being grateful. I like being thankful. It feels good. And the more I learned about the centerpiece that’s on the table, the less good I felt about it. It is not a […]

Tom Regan On Communicating With Non-Vegans

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Tom Regan published on the AR Zone. Over the years I’ve received letters from total strangers who tell me that reading something I’ve written “changed their life.” I’ve also received a like number of messages from people who think I’m a total nut case. So my […]

Ellen DeGeneres On Why She Went Vegan

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Vegans Are So Judgmental! by Bea Elliot

“Vegans are so judgmental!” Is that so? Aren’t those of you who eat meat really the ones who “judge”? After all, don’t you decide which animals are to be born, grown and killed on your behalf? Don’t you judge that it’s okay to kill male chicks so you can “enjoy” eggs? Don’t you judge that […]

Is Eating A “Personal Choice”? Hardly
By James McWilliams

The following article comes from James McWilliam’s website. A version of this piece ran in the Washington Post in 2009. I gave a talk in South Texas recently on the virtues of a meatless diet. As you might imagine, the reception was chilly. In fact, the only applause came during the Q&A period when a […]

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Are Our Knives and Forks – Presentation by Philip Wollen

“Victor Hugo said, ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’ Well animal rights today is now the greatest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery. Do you know there are over 600 million vegetarians in this world? And that is bigger than the United States, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, […]

Is it Wrong Like Having A Slave is Wrong? – Jonathan Safran Foer

Author Jonathan Safran Foer has remarked that he “never wanted to impose his views of vegetarianism on others, because ‘that’s not really my business what another person eats…’But on the other hand, would you have said that about slavery — ‘Slaves aren’t for me, but if he has them, that’s okay’? Would you say that […]

Leo Tolstoy on the Human Heart

“I had wished to visit a slaughter-house, in order to see with my own eyes the reality of the question raised when vegetarianism is discussed. But at first I felt ashamed to do so, as one is always ashamed of going to look at suffering which one knows is about to take place, but which […]

I Choose Hope

“I do live daily with the knowledge that animals are suffering greatly…But that’s not what I dwell on. I’m a very solution-oriented person, so instead of immersing myself in the problem, I immerse myself in the solution, and in doing so, I’m constantly surrounded by hope. Every time we speak up for animals and act […]